Our Process


Our Sealing Process

American Drive-Seal offers a comprehensive 6-step process for sealing your driveway or parking lot.


Step 1: Edge the grass along the sides of the driveway

Step 2: Clean dirt and debris off of driveway surface

Step 3: Prepare cracks

Step 4: Fill any 'fillable' cracks with Hot Tar

Step 5: Brush sealer in areas near the garage, sidewalk, pavers etc.

Step 6: Power spray sealer on driveway


We use SealMaster coal tar emulsion sealer, fortified with a state-of-the-art polymer additive to produce the finest protective coating available. Sand is added to the mix to provided added traction. This is especially useful for inclined driveways that are difficult to traverse when ice and snow are present in winter. 



Cracks wider and deeper than 1/4" are filled with highway-grade hot tar crack filler. Despite our competitive prices, we do not charge extra for most crack filling applications as it is a necessary protective measure for extending the life of your driveway.


Some driveways and parking lots have what are known as 'Alligator Cracks', which occur when the asphalt is broken into small chunks. These cracks are usually caused by soft ground under the pavement, tree roots, water, and rocks under the surface.


Although these cracks are often significantly large and troublesome, they are NOT fill-able. Filling these cracks with hot tar often results in the chunks of driveway binding together with no connection to the asphalt underneath. Driving over these sections after they are filled can result in ripping up entire chunks of asphalt from your driveway; which is why we do not fill these sections.


We can also perform small pothole repairs using cold patch asphalt, but do not have any of the paving equipment necessary for larger repairs. We have partnerships with local paving companies and can give referrals for larger repairs.