Why is a latex/water based sealer better than an oil based sealer

Technically, oil based sealers are illegal in the state of New Jersey. Though unlikely, if for any reason the oil based sealer is washed off of the driveway before it has cured, the homeowner is legally liable for potential environmental contamination and cleanup.

You can spot oil sealer by how shiny it is, as it often still looks 'wet' weeks after applying. Oil sealers typically last about 6 months whereas latex/water based sealer has been proven to last up to 2-3 years on average. Oil sealers are often slippery for months or even years after application, and this can lead to increased risk of slipping or falling. For these reasons and more, coal tar emulsion latex/water based sealer has remained the industry standard

What time will you be coming

Our standard operating hours are between 8:30am-4:30pm. We cannot give exact times of arrival, but you do not need to be home for us to seal the driveway.

what do i need to do to prepare for you to seal my driveway

Please make sure all cars are off the driveway by 8:30am the day of your appointment. Make sure that planters, garbage cans, and basketball hoops are off of the driveway (we do not move basketball hoops). Please shut off any automatic or timed sprinkler systems before, during, and 24 hours after sealing. If instructed to kill moss on the driveway, please do so prior to our arrival. There is no need to power-wash your driveway beforehand, unless otherwise noted on your estimate sheet or if this has been discussed with our staff.