When is the best time to seal my driveway

The summer months when the weather is warm and the sunlight is most direct allows for the optimal conditions for the sealer to cure and adhere to your driveway.

What can you do about the cracks in my driveway

Cracks larger than 1/4" wide and 1/4" deep will be filled with hot tar and leveled. Cracks that are especially wide may need to be filled with asphalt patch as opposed to hot tar. Cracks that are especially deep are back-filled with sand to allow for a level surface for the hot tar to seep into. If this is not done, some cracks are relatively bottomless and the tar will not stay in the crack, causing the crack to 'fall through'. It is important to note that despite back-filling, there may be the occasional crack that falls through regardless.

As shown in our 'About Our Process' section, alligator cracks cannot be filled, and neither can cracks too small for the hot tar to seep into.

Will i still see the cracks once they are repaired

Once we fill the cracks and the tar has set, we pre-coat the cracks with sealer to make sure the cracks aren't as visible after spraying the sealer, but you will be able to notice where the repairs have been made.